A Beginner’s Introduction to Trestolone

Trestolone has the potential of being used as a male contraceptive that hasn’t been introduces into the market yet because it’s still in the experimental stages. It also has the ability to build muscles rapidly and is therefore a supplement for those aiming to get bigger muscles. As a birth control product, it works by preventing the release of the hormones responsible for creative sperms known as gonadotropins. As a result, the male reproductive system doesn’t produce any sperms capable of performing fertilization on the female egg thereby reducing chances of conception. It only works when taken regularly and as soon as they aren’t ingested anymore, the infertile condition reverses itself and the production of sperms return to normal. Even with this ability, trestolone is still under testing in order to determine how effective it can be as well as its possible side effects.

Science of Trestolone

It’s a product of nandrolone and is considered a synthetic estrane steroid. Unlike most nandrolone compounds that have been prohibited by some agencies especially sports bodies, this 7alpha-methyl-19-nortestosteroneis still under a lot of speculation as to its effects. It’s a member of nandrolone and a methyl group that belongs at the C7alpha position.

Since its release into the market recently, the product has had a lot people talking about its effectiveness as a testosterone compound. During its testing on primates, it showed signs of being much more effective than testosterone, and in another study, it showed that it has a high binding rate than both testosterone and nandrogen when it comes to androgen receptors.

Benefits of Trestolone

It’s more effective than other drugs from the same compound and it doesn’t bind to the sex hormone binding globulin. It also doesn’t aromatize thus increases the metabolic rate. It doesn’t affect the sexual lives of users by reducing their sexual drives unlike other drugs with testosterone abilities.

For this reason, Trestolone can also be used as a bodybuilding supplement and male contraceptive drug. It hasn’t been prohibited by sports governing bodies so it’s safe for athletes and other sports personnel as long as it’s used in moderation. Though initially it wasn’t easily available, trestolone can now be found from many stores including online stores. This increases the convenience with which people looking for the drug can access it. Those who have used the drug haven’t reported any adverse side effects as well as during testing. This shows that although the side effects may be there, they are minimal compared to how well the drug functions.

The Side effects of Trestolone

  • Hair loss
  • Aggression
  • Fat accumulation
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Gynecomastia
  • Water retention
  • Low libido

Benefits for Bodybuilders

Trestolone has the potential to not only accelerate muscle growth but also increase body strength. These two factors are some of the greatest ingredients to getting a great body. It therefore appeals to people looking for a better alternative to other types of steroids. It helps build lean muscles without promoting accumulation of additional fats. Though you can take it as alone drug, you can also combine with other supplements to increase the speed with which it works. In such a situation however, one is advised to be careful in order to avoid using supplements that can react negatively and cause adverse side effects.


Since Trestolone came into the market this synthetic supplement has proven its effectiveness and has become the topic of conversation for most people. Even though it hasn’t been officially released into the market, it’s available online and can be purchased without any problems. Still, one has to be careful to ensure they get the real product and stick to the right dosage. Overdose can bring about extreme side effects while under dosage can lead to ineffectiveness. You can take it orally, either through injection or in powder form, which is known as transdermal intake. All these forms differ in terms of how well and quickly the drug will be absorbed into the body system, with the most referred from of intake being injection.

Even though the drug can be stacked, it’s better to keep it away from other 19-norcompound or wet pro hormones. Always stack it with dry compounds only. All these benefits of trestolone, together with the research and testing it has made it a great drug to use. Compared to other similar drugs, Trestolone is the best for those wanting to increase their body mass.