Androbolic 250 – APS Is Back In The Prohormone Game

Let’s be honest.  Since the prohormone ban (DASCA) there hasn’t been much to look forward to in the prohormone world.  Most companies seem to be completely out of the game or they are pushing SARMs (ex. Ostarine).

That is why I am excited to see APS get back into the prohormone game which seems to feature (or in my opinion should) Androbolic 250.

With that said let’s take a look at what’s in it, how to dose it, what to expect, and how to follow it with a post cycle therapy (PCT).

What’s in APS Androbolic 250

To start Androbolic 250 contains 4 different prohormones:

Androstenolone – This is just a synonym of plain ole DHEA.  While I am fond of this for energy and women, it doesn’t do a whole lot in males.  They seem to include this as a preventative to lethargy, which is common with the inclusion of the next prohormone.

1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one Caproate (1-Andro) – This site has long been a proponent of 1-Andro (or 1-DHEA) as a great prohormone.  In fact since the ban, most companies are turning to this prohormone for the best gains producing product.

Research has proven that 1-Andro can lead to size and strength increases (listen to this podcast for details on the research).  Generally it’s mild on your liver, but it does cause severe lethargy in some individuals.  It should be offset by this next prohormone that Androbolic 250 includes…

4-Androstenolone (4-Andro) – 4-Andro (or 4-DHEA) is another prohormone that we have talked about extensively on this site.  It is a prohormone to testosterone (a better one than DHEA).  It helps maintain libido and energy levels on your cycle and will add a little “water” retention which tends to help increase strength.  For more information on 4-Andro check out these extensive articles:

  • Fusion AndroTest 
  • Cyclo 4-AD
  • What is the best test base?

3b-Hydroxy-Etioallocholan-17-one (Epi-Andro) – Otherwise known simply as epiandrosterone this is a prohormone to DHT.  DHT has a bad rap for causing hair loss but it’s generally over played.  And this is one of the best prohormones left for energy and overall hardening.  It can also work to keep lethargy at bay.  This same article has great information about epiandro – What is the best test base?

That sums up the prohormones, but APS Nutrition added something extra to Androbolic 250:

Diosterol™ – This is essentially a plant extract (I believe Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals first introduced it to the market).  It contains the now very popular 5-hydroxy laxogenin which is thought to be anabolic in guys.

Most products include only 5-hydroxy laxogenin or just the prohromone, usually not both.  So you get a bit better deal by getting both in Androbolic 250.  Its very unlikely this is anywhere near as powerful as the prohormones, but it should add a little kick to your cycle.

Mesobolin – Mesobolin is also a plant extract (called Rhaponticum carthamoides).  It’s primary highlight is that it includes ecdysterones.  Many companies sell versions of ecdysterones in the form of 20-beta-ecdysterone.

APS claims to source their directly from Russia, with a superior form of the extract.  Russian research is generally hard to come by (let alone translate) so we will have to take them for their word.  Much like Diosterol, this can only help in the long run.

What to expect from Androbolic 250

Androbolic appears to be one of the stronger prohormones left on the market.  If you want to stay legal and try something unique this looks like a good product.  I have some on the way and what I would expect from a 4-5 week cycle (2 to 3 bottles) is a solid 10+ pounds of bodyweight if you eat right (keep protein at 2 grams/pound of the bodyweight you want to get to, not what you are at).

Strength wise the 1-Andro, EpiAndro, and 4-Andro are going to be a fun combination.  Your joints should stay happy even with some heavy ass lifting.  And your energy levels should stay high from the 4-Andro and EpiAndro so that the 1-Andro (and possible the mesobolin and diosterol) can jack up your strength to new PR levels.  Do not be surprised to break your bench or squat record with this combo.

How to dose Androbolic 250

Here’s a simple layout depending on your cycle length and experience:

Beginner – 1 Bottle

Week 1 – 2 caps/day
Week 2 – 2 caps/day
Week 3 – 2 caps/day
Week 4 – 2 caps/day
Week 5 – Start PCT

Novice/Experienced – 2 bottles

Week 1 – 2 caps/day
Week 2 – 2 caps/day
Week 3 – 4 caps/day
Week 4 – 4 caps/day
Week 5 – 4 caps/day
Week 6 – Start PCT

I have a while before I start this cycle, so feel free to post up your reviews and thoughts.  APS Nutrition generally has a good reputation and they push the boundaries of hard core products, which makes me a fan.  To pick up Androbolic 250 and check out other APS Nutrition products check out what’s available on Amazon Sports Nutrition.

-PP Staff

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