Probiotic Increases Testosterone and Alleviates Constipation

Previously at the Prohormone Podcast we were the first to explain to you research at MIT regarding the probiotic known as Lactobacillus Reuteri, or “L. Reuteri” for short.  Read here:  Probiotic Increases Testosterone In that article we explained the benefits of L. Reuteri on testosterone increases.  The MIT researchers even went so far to say that […]

Epidsode 11 Notes

Where have I been – staying busy in the summer, new dog Today I want to talk about PCT.  A lot of supplement companies offer products for PCT…these are fine for the most part, not great.  Consider ingredients.  DAA and Tonkat Ali  but overal very little scientific evidence. Univeristy of tennesee and Baylor College Urology […]