Stackin Drugs to Eliminate Side Effects

Well I think the title of this post says a lot.  Most of the time you see guys run testosterone (typically cypionate, or enanthate), then experience sore nipples, so they add letro.  A week or two later they are bitching about having no libido and sore joints.  Both signs of low estrogen.  In other words one drug, taken to reduce a side effect subsequently becomes the result of more side effects.  You see how fucked up drugs in bodybuilding are now?

boston lloyd back

Boston has built himself a solid back on 2.5 mg’s of Letro

Anyone who has used letrozole (“letro”) the aromatase inhibitor knows that 2.5 mg’s per day is a dose large enough to virtually crush estrogen and result in side effects such as “sore joints”.  This essentially limits the risk of any bitch tits (gyno), but what else does it do to your body?  Hopefully I’ll answer that for you today.

Now Boston Lloyd is a human chemistry experiment, so he may actually need a fairly large dose of letro to maintain reasonable estradiol levels.  For most guys not on 13 grams of gear, 2.5 mg’s of letro each and every day may be overkill.  Still 2.5 mg’s per day of letrozole given to young men (with normal testosterone levels) for 28 days reduced estradiol 46%, and estrone by 31% [1].   So unlike many think, it’s not a total abomination of estrogen.

Guys on TRT, Estrogen, and Libido

That brings me to a published research letter in the European Urology Journal [2].  The letter was simply a short review and statistical analysis of estrogen levels in men on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and their libido.  They start the study by referencing the same study I talked about in the podcast – On Cycle Aromatase Inhibitors are They Making You Fat? – Episode #2.  In that study they point out that large decreases in serum estradiol resulted in decreased libido (I mention that in the show as well).

In the letter they describe how they asked 436 men who visited a TRT clinic to rate their libido, and complete the ADAM questionnaire (you can see the ADAM test on my old blog here).  For your reference the ADAM questionnaire is simply used to non-invasively measure testosterone, or low testosterone symptoms.  They placed the men into groups including men with low/normal estradiol, and high estradiol (equal to or less than 5.0 ng/dl, and greater than 5.0 ng/dl).  They also separated them into low and high (or what I would call normal) testosterone levels.  Of course, LH (luteinising hormone), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), and SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) were all measured at each visit.  Once the data was collected, they statistically analyzed the results to see which measures correlated to libido.

The results should not be all that surprising.  First the guys with normal/high testosterone levels reported greater levels of satisfaction with their libido.  But also 60% of men with normal/high testosterone levels AND high estrogen levels reported satisfaction with their libido.  Perhaps more interestingly, when taking all variables into account (multivariant analysis), they found high estradiol correlated the most to a high libido.  The paper concludes:

“In Summary, we have found that elevated serum levels of estradiol are associated with increased libido in men on TRT.  We recommend judicious use of aromatase inhibitors for indications such as gynocaemastia.”

How High is 5.0 ng/dl of Estradiol?

Most everyone at one time or another has had their blood taken in order to measure their testosterone and estradiol levels.  Normally all the processing of this is done through Quest Diagnostics (at least in the U.S.).  Quest uses the reference range of less than or equal to 29 pg/ml for adult men [3].  Meaning anything below 29 pg/ml is normal.  If you convert 5.0 ng/dl to pg/ml it means an estradiol level of 50 pg/ml or higher.  So yes, this particular statistical analysis was using what most would consider abnormally high estrogen levels.

Do I need 2.5 mg’s of Letro Each Day?

Sorry, but I can’t answer this question for you.  What you need to understand is that it depends, on several factors including:

  • Your Age (older men aromatize more estrogen)
  • Your Body Fat (fat people aromatize more estrogen)
  • How Much Gear Your Using (and whether it even aromatizes)
  • Your Genetic Predisposition to Estrogen, and High Estrogen Side Effects (bitch tits)

Perhaps the easiest advice I can give you is to avoid gyno, and symptoms of gyno, while trying to maintain your libido.  Understanding how to find your optimal estrogen level is tricky, and comes only with experience.

By Travis DeGraff


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