Chinese hGH is no bueno

Lately there has been an opinion largely shared by many who are attempting to purchase human growth hormone.  And that is that most of it out of China is complete shit for lack of a better word.  Approximately 1-3 years ago (time flies so it’s a rough estimate) I recall many people scrambling to find “Kigtropin” after infamous steroid guru GH15 indicated it is a “promaker”.  Of course GH15 was referring to only a specific kigtropin, from a specific supplier, only available to those on a special list.  Nonetheless the popularity of kigtropin hGH sky rocketed.  When this happens you can bet your money that counterfeit product will hit the market in an attempt to make a quick and easy buck.  Since that time, as many of you might know, many fake kitropin kits have been sold and many bodybuilders have been very disappointed.

Fake Kigtropins Seized and Tested by a Top Euro Lab

A recent correspondence letter published in the Drug Testing and Analysis Journal described an Italian seized order which was tested by an accredited European Official Medicines Control lab [1].  I don’t know Italian law, but it seems those who were attempting to import these vials were questions.  The importers claimed they contained creatine, and lauric acid (sure they did…).

fake kigtropinOf course the lab tested the vials and found no creatine or lauric acid.  Of the four vials that were seized only one was labeled.  The vial that was labeled simply said KIGTROPIN on the top.  After testing they found the following in each vial:

  • Vial 1 was Mannitol
  • Vial 2 was Mannitol
  • Vial 3 was Mannitol
  • Vial 4 was GHRP-2

Now I have no idea if the importers were under the impression they were buying legit Kigtropin, but they likely wouldnt have been happy with the products they received.  Especially since GHRP-2 (growth hormone releasing peptide 2) is readily available from most “Research Chem” sites at a price that is far below that of any hGH.  It’s also possible an Research Chem shop who was counterfeiting kigtropin simply used an old kigtropin vial to package and sell GHRP-2.  Who knows at this point.  But this simply confirms what we know already, the hGH black market is full of fakes, so buyer beware.

By Travis DeGraff



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