The first ever human study on this bodybuilding drug started this month.  The high doses being investigated suggest most bodybuilders won’t have the cash to run this research chemical at sufficient doses.


If you have not listened to Episode #14 of the Prohormone Podcast, you may want to now.  In the show I discussed the most interesting drug to hit the bodybuilding scene in a long time.  The reason is that ACE-083 is muscle specific.  It’s designed to only grow the muscle of which it is injected, and in mice, at the highest dose, it nearly doubled the size of the muscle.  All of this without impacting other tissues in the body such as the heart, and other organs where growth is unwanted.

Since the show at least one Research Chemical company is now selling ACE-083 to whoever needs it for “research”.  Unfortunately it’s relatively expensive as 1 mg is selling for $90.00.  Also the side effects in humans are completely unknown at this point.  In mice the human equivalent doses ranged from 360 micrograms, all the way up to 108 mg’s (calculated for a 200lb male).  The reviews in guys claiming to use the research chemical ACE-083 seem to have positive remarks, with nobody yet reporting side effects.

Acceleron is the pharmaceutical company developing ACE-083.  The next step in this drug’s development is Phase I Clinical Trials, and this first one, which started in October has a primary objective to assess safety in humans.  The clinical trial which is being conducted in Lincoln, NE will be a 106 day trial in varying doses.  Here’s some detail on the subjects of the study, and the goals:

Subjects and Protocol

  • Postmenopausal women
  • 45 to 75 years old
  • ACE-083 injected into the thigh muscle
  • 40 participants (estimate)
  • Dosing:

ace-083 dosing

Study Goal

  • Primary goal is all measures of safety after injection, including vital signs, blood work, and injection site problems.
  • Secondary goal
    • Pharmacokinetics – does the drug reach system circulation (it shouldn’t of course)
    • Pharmacodynamics – Injection thigh muscle volume, strength, and composition

The interesting part of this clinical trial is the high doses they plan to use.  Assuming this clinical trial shows this drug is safe (it will take many more trials to be sure), reaching this dose as a bodybuilder will cost an extremely large amount of money.  Unfortunately this clinical trial may not be complete until August to November of 2015.  It’s possible Acceleron will release some preliminary data after the initial injection period, but we will have to wait and see.

If you decide to try and conduct your own research on ACE-083, please post your results below.  Otherwise I will continue to report the latest on this interesting drug.


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