First things first, I will have a new podcast up this weekend. And I will actually discuss prohormones! In fact, there is some new evidence that one prohormone is far more effective than people think. Look for the audio late tomorrow.

Human Growth Hormone Facts

Second, let’s talk about synthetic human growth hormone facts. hGH is one of the most expensive ergogenics available today. At the same time it’s popularity amongst competitors and those who truly want to take their physique to the highest level is very high. This is primarily due to its ability to help you drop fat, particularly in the abdomen area. There is also some evidence it can increase lean body mass in conjunction with anabolic steroids. And it’s ability to increase strength through collagen synthesis in tendons is apparent to many people and their anecdotal reports of greater recovery.

But today, we have ourselves a newly published paper that specifically tested the benefits of synthetic growth hormone in HEALTHY men. Most hGH research is completed on adults and children with growth hormone deficiencies. So it almost always shows a benefit.  This study was cool because it used slightly younger than normal men (50 to 70 years old), and they were all healthy and trained aerobically or with weights at least 3 times per week.  They also used a longer study period, which also meant they were using synthetic hGH longer (6 months).

They took baseline measurements in the squat and bench press.  They also measured body fat with skin calipers (a crude method anymore).  All the men were given .5 IU’s of hGH/day for the first month, then 1.0IU/day for 1 more month, then 1.5IU’s/day for months 3 through 6.  A pretty low dose by bodybuilding standards.  They also did not adjust the dose for bodyweight, so it was standardized for all participants.

Human Growth Hormone in Older Exercising Men

The results are not that surprising.  First there were no changes in body composition vs. placebo.  You might have expected some fat loss, but I think in this case the dose was just too low for men who already had normal hGH levels.  Bench press also remained the same vs. placebo.  Again I blame the low dose.  Finally we did see some positive improvements when it came to the leg press.  The synthetic human growth hormone group actually experienced a 30 lb increase in the leg press strength.  So overall an improvement but nothing major.

Human Growth Hormone Facts

The Point?

Well my only point is that human growth hormone takes some serious time, and money (for higher doses) to truly have an effect.  Older men (average age 58 in this study), are more likely to respond better to exogenous hGH administration, so as a younger guy reading this you will likely need a significantly higher dose to achieve any noticeable results over 6 months.  In this case you would want to double, if not triple the dose used in this study for noticeable improvements in fat loss, strength, and recovery.

– Travis DeGraff

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