Melanotan II gets put to the test by a top independent lab in the United Kingdom.  Is your Melanotan II legit?  Bunk?  Or under dosed?

Melanotan II is a popular “research chemical” that bodybuilders and fitness freaks use to get tanner.  Early research on Melanotan II suggested it worked by mimicking the effects of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, which in turn made you tanner.  The research on humans was stopped because it induced erections (why that’s so bad I don’t know, but bodybuilders certainly appreciate this side effect).

Rather than go into depth about how it works and how to use it (these are easy to find anyswers via Google), let’s use this time to look at the quality of Melanotan II on the research chemical market.

The authors of the study I am about to describe felt there was a need to test the qualitative and quantitative values of online Melanotan II products.  They believed that because of the potential dangers of Melanotan II and it’s increasing popularity it was necessary to determine if online stores were selling the real thing.

To test samples they of course had to purchase them.  So they set out to find Melanotan II products online just as a typical buyer would – they ran google searches.  Their search was simple.  They went to (this was a UK study) and searched for the phrase buy melanotan.  They presumed the first hits in Google would also be the most popular.  They found 3 online shops in the first 20 hits that marketed 10 mg vials of Melanotan II, took credit cards, and delivered to a UK address.  They went on to purchase 32 vials from “Shop A”, 21 vials from “Shop B”, and 20 vials from “Shop C”.  In total they had 73 samples of Melanotan II.

From those 73 samples, they reviewed the labels and packaging.  As you might expect most of them were completely unlabeled.  Shop C did include a dosing chart, and alcohol pads.  Nonetheless they went on to test 26 samples.  As you can see in the table below they found actual Melanotan II in each vial (all vials claimed 10 mg’s per vial) ranged from 4.32 mg’s to 8.84 mg’s per vial.  In other words every sample was under dosed to some degree.  They also found that vials from Shop A, and Shop B contained reasonable amounts of impurities (4-5% of contents).

 melanotan II study

Ultimately this isn’t great news for Melanotan II users, but it’s not necessarily bad either.  Keep in mind these samples were purchased in 2011.  It’s possible the quality of Melanotan II has since increased as the competition has also increased, as well as the compounds popularity.  When it comes to Research Chemicals it’s always best to read the reviews (un-biased).  One of my favorite brands is Transformix Peptides, which continually has good reviews on both their products and services.

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