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Another day, another abscess as Bostin Lloyd says (I’m joking).  But on a more serious note, is a relatively new case study published in Volume 383 of The Lancet, which is one of the world’s most well established medical journals.  The Journal describes a 23 year old male bodybuilder who visited the medical center with complaints of scrotal pain – ouch [Ref 1].

site enhancement oilAfter some testing they found that he had a low red blood cell count, failing kidneys, and extremely high blood calcium levels.  Upon their physical inspection of him they had the following to say:

“…examination revealed many warm, dense nodules in the skin and subcutaneous tissue overlying the pectoral, trapezius, and biceps muscles.”

In other words, he appeared to have several abscesses on his body.  He then apparently admitted to injecting paraffin oil for site enhancement purposes (SEO).  The history on paraffin oil for SEO purposes is vague, but it was something used in the late 1800’s which then disappeared for years until the 50’s [Ref 2].  Even worse, it has been used by men as an attempt to increase the size of their penis.  Did it work?  Well…

“The consequences of the application in the penis of these oils can be deformity, necrosis, compromised erectile function  and ulcers besides paraffinoma(9,10).”

Getting back to our bodybuilder of the day, he admitted to using paraffin oil for the last 3 years.  During that time he utilized two different periods of anti-biotic administration to fight infections.  However his latest health issue was particularly bothersome because he was experiencing labored breathing.  After a myriad of tests including a CT scan and skin biopsy they found inflamed pariffinomas, which are simply infected areas of paraffin oil injection spots.  Thankfully they did not find that the areas were necrotizing (cell death).  They also found lung spots (areas of deposits which are not oxygen), which explains his labored breathing.  These were obviously believed to be paraffin oil deposits which is diagnosed a lipid pneumonia.  His elevated blood levels of calcium also resulted in excessive calcium deposits in his kidneys.

Paraffin Oil and Excessive Calcium Levels

You might be asking why a paraffin oil injection led to so many different health problems?  Well they explain the problems as a result of granulomas, which in this case were the pariffinomas.  A granuloma occurs when a foreign substance enters your body.  The body responds by forming inflammatory immune cells around the substance in order to defend the body.  When this happens you find an elevated expression of CYP27B1, which is an enzyme that coverts vitamin D to its active form (calcitriol) in the body.  As a result of elevated calcitriol your body increases uptake of calcium from the gut, and is even believed to increase blood levels of calcium from bone.  In this case, the majority of health problems were a result of hypercalcaemia.

SEO Lessons

First I’m not certain, but paraffin oil is something I would consider old school.  And there are much better options available to those interested in site enhancement oil.  Second, at least use something that is advertised as sterile.  Many paraffin oil “medicines” are not.  And third if you even choose to use SEO pay attention to your body.  If you notice dense nodules with heat radiating from them, then it may be infected. You can also have your blood calcium levels measured to make sure you are also not in danger of hypercalcaemia.

By the way, the young man was treated and released.  Although he later returned for examination, the physicians indicated he had poorly complied with their recommended medications.


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