1-Andro Study Results Discussion

The new 1-Andro Study results might be shocking to avid prohormone users. In this episode we discuss the results of the study including:

1-Andro study

My 1-Andro prohormone of choice

  • Were the trainees experienced?
  • How the 1-Andro study set up
  • Body composition changes found
  • Strength changes found in the 1-Andro Study
  • Does 1-Andro cause roid rage?
  • How bad is 1-Andro on your health?
  • Is 1-Andro a good prohormone?

Full details in this show. And check out the charts below as they are referenced in the show.

“These observations leave us tempted to conclude that this PS may actually contribute to positive changes in psychological function, which would certainly be a novel finding. However, because we recognize the potential danger associated with making such a bombastic statement….more studies need to be done.”


1-andro study

1-andro study

– Travis DeGraff

5 thoughts on “The new 1-Andro Study – Episode #6

  1. matdawg says:

    How would 330mg of 1-andro translate to the RDE caps containing only 20mg of dhea?

  2. matdawg says:

    Also would liver and kidney numbers be the same for sub lingual delivery?

  3. matdawg says:

    Thanks for your reply! It’s hard to make a strategy plan for taking 1-dhea specially when there is few scientific literature to corroborate response and results vs side effects. But would you say that running a 30 day 1-andro rde for 4 weeks twice a day be better than 3 caps a day for less weeks?

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