by Travis DeGraff

PCT or post cycle therapy has long been a topic of debate.  What is the single most effective PCT for you after a prohormone or steroid cycle?  I attempt to answer that question in this episode of the Prohormone Podcast.  The Best PCT episode contains the following:

  • Top PHd’s review published research to better understand Anabolic Steroid Induced Hypogonadism (ASIH) [Ref]
  • Researchers define who is the prototypical steroid/prohormone user
  • Are steroid users wreckless, and quick to jump in the hormone “pool”, or careful, highly motivated successful people.
  • Where do steroid and prohormone users primarily get their information?
  • Why people use steroids, and how young do they start using them
  • Who recovers the easiest from a cycle
  • What are common side effects, and how do bodybuilders treat them.  How is this different than the top physician recommendations?
  • What is the best PCT as defined by these same doctors

Thanks for listening.

best pct

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