In this episode of the Prohormone Podcast I talk about the newly launched Blackstone Labs product called EpiCat.  EpiCat is an epicatechin supplement believed to inhibit myostatin.

  • epicat blackstone epicatechinWhy I was so down on the first epicatechin supplements to hit the market (my epicatechin hate)
  • Why the first study on the follistatin, epicatechin relationship was not convincing enough for me to purchase any epicatechin supplements
  • What is myostatin, and why is it bad
  • The myostatin deficient baby (details here – myostatin deficiency)
  • What is follistatin, and why is it good
  • Why three different drug companies are exploring the components of dark chocolate (including epicatechin)
  • The new study by Cardero Therapeutics including the half life, and bioavialability of epicatechin
  • Did epicatechin increase follistatin, and if so how much, and was it enough to matter?
  • Epicatechin and nitric oxide
  • Is EpiCat worth the price?

References and additional reading:

  1. Pharmacokinetic, partial pharmacodynamic and initial safety analysis of (-)-epicatechin in healthy volunteers
  2. Everything you ever wanted to know about Myostatin – The role of myostatin in muscle wasting: an overview
  3. Supplemental data to the Pharmacokinetic study on epicatechin – Supplemental data
  4. EpiCat at Blackstone Labs – EpiCat
  5. A graph and table from the full text showing plasma levels and pharmacodynamics:

epicatechin free form

9 thoughts on “Blackstone EpiCat Launches – Is Epicatechin a Myostatin Inhibitor?

  1. Ryan Kerce says:

    Hello, I represent Gun Show Supplements. Just wanted to point out we have been selling EPICAT 200 Max for 8 months now. Come on Blackstone, be original with your product name. Our Epicatechin 90% extract is at 200 MG’s per capsule. Wish you guys at BL all the luck. Had to bust your nads a bit.

  2. Brian says:

    Travis You had a long writeup about how epicatechin was bunk I though? Now its good?
    Im confused.

    • Degraff says:

      Hey man, make sure you listen to the full show. In it I explain why I didn’t like epicatechin supplements at that time because the one paper suggesting they might increase follistatin was poorly done. In this episode I explain why the newest research on epicatechin is more promising and it has caught my interest.

      • Random Person says:

        Travis, what was the risings used in the study particularly the twice a day dosing. I read the abstract of the study and it wasn’t clear if they did the following or not:

        Once a day 50, 100, 200 mg
        Multiple doses a day of 50 mg adding up to a max of 200 mg for the day.
        Twice a day dosing of only 50 mg or if it was twice a day dosing of 100 mg and twice a day dosing of 200 mg as well. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

        • Degraff says:

          They had 5 total experiments.

          1. One single 50 mg dose
          2. One single 100 mg dose
          3. One single 200 mg dose
          4. Five days of 50 mg’s each day dosed once each day
          5. Five days of 100 mg’s each day dosed 50 mg twice a day

          Does that clarify?

  3. heavyweight says:

    I reckon he was happy with epicatechins as it is useless (ive ran two bottles of BLR follidrone, results 0) that the prohormone ban is out he needs to continue support “labs” and suddenly epicatcheins are good because all the labs are dropping legal alternatives..the guy is just swimming with the market….

    • Degraff says:

      Did you listen to the show heavyweight? I don’t need to support anything. The entire show was about why it “might” work. Having said that I’m about half way through a bottle of Epi Cat and havent noticed anything just like you. I’m not expecting superdrol like results either.

      • Random Person says:

        I haven’t seen any growth or strength increases on this stuff either. Like you, I’ve used roughly half the bottle. I’ve stopped using it though as I’m running something else for 8 weeks. Also I figured it would be a good way to see if the increased pumps goes away after stopping use, which it appears that it has.

        I also noticed being incredibly sore shortly after starting the Epicat but that could very likely be due to dropping my calories by another 200. Noticed a slight drop in blood pressure, but that’s about it. Strength didn’t dip from the calories drop but that could be me being use to the drop or maybe I should drop cals lower.

        So thus far, experience with roughly half the bottle, if all this stuff does is give me really good pumps, kind of friggin expensive for that.

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