In the fifth episode of the Prohormone Podcast I talk to Gordon Falcetti of Falcetti Physique Solutions.  In this episode we discuss:

  • Gorden’s background, including his goals for 2014
  • Iso-tension holds – Gordon tells us about a day training the Mountain Dog way and how John Meadows designs their training
  • Gordon talks about Boston Lloyd’s message and how he feels about it overall
  • 2013 was known as the year of several deaths in the industry – Gordon’s thoughts
  • Mens Physique and Bikini – Gordon answers the question – Are they good for bodybuilding?
  • Men’s Physique – Are shorter shorts coming?
  • IIFYM and do the food choices matter?
  • Biggest accomplishments in 2013?

*Note – Gordon and I had some connection problems.  Unfortunately due to my mistake I was unable to record the final few minutes where we discussed the launch of Falcetti Physique Solutions.  I encourage you to check out their facebook page if you are someone serious about taking your physique to the next level.

falcetti physique solutions

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