In this week’s episode I discuss your first prohormone cycle, including:

  • first prohormone cycleWhere I have been the last few weeks
  • John Meadows and the Mountain Dog Diet
  • Arnold Sports Festival 2014
  • Which prohormone is best for your first cycle?
  • Should you use more than one prohormone for your first prohormone cycle?
  • Do you need support supplements for your first prohormone cycle?
  • How much time should you spend planning your first prohormone cycle?
  • What is the best PCT for your first cycle?
  • Are prohormones “test boosters?  And what are the differences?
  • Diet and training on your first  prohormone cycle
  • What is the best prohormone of 2014?
  • A quick note on the Designer Anabolic Steroid Act of 2014

Thanks for listening.

Side note (here’s my rant on Google+):

Best Prohormone of 2014

People are always asking what is the “best prohormone”.  I can’t express how vague this question is and how significantly different it can be for each person.  For example, it often depends on your goals.  YES a prohormone or designer steroid can have different effects.  DHT based compounds are far more common on a cut, while testosterone based compounds are better for bulking and adding strength.  So your answer is dependent on your goals.

So there must be a prohormone that’s best for bulking, and one that’s best for cutting, right?  No.  Here’s the problem, every person reacts a bit differently.  While we can safely assume something like 11-oxo (adrenosterone) is a pretty good cutter for most people there is a small percentage of people that will experience extreme lethargy from it.  Making it not the best prohormone for cutting.  Some people are more sensitive to “tren” based compounds which can cause or exacerbate gyno (bitch tits), which nobody wants.  At the same time it’s great for a lot of people who want to add size and strength fast.

So what’s the answer?  Well first determine your goals, then choose something that you have researched thoroughly so you fully understand the good, bad, and the ugly.  If something bad happens you can simply shut down the cycle, complete your post cycle therapy, and try something different next time.  For most people there are very few side effects, but you still have to try it for yourself to be sure.

Watch out for someone selling you something

Keep in mind every year these Best Prohormone of the Year articles come out talking about how this prohormone is best for you.  How do they know?  Wait….they DON’T!  All they care to do is sell you whatever they happen to be pitching that year.  So don’t fall for that shit.  Do your research.  Find unbiased reviews.  Find sites like mine that take no money from anyone (this helps me remain unbiased).   And last but not least, TRAIN HARD, EAT HARD, and enjoy your cycle!  🙂

By Travis DeGraff


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