The Premiere episode of the Prohormone Podcast.  I explain the purpose of the show, discuss DHT prohormones in detail, the results of the CALERIE study, and why the new Purus Labs essential amino acid product is so interesting.

Topics Include:

  1. DHT Prohormones – What are they, how are they used.  Plus we talk about two studies in which DHT was administered to men with low testosterone, and another which compared DHT levels and overall longevity of men.
  2. The CALERIE Study – This study attempted to determine why there is so much variance in the maintenance calories each person.  Why simple calorie calculators may be off.  Find out how much even the most sophisticated calculations can be.
  3. Purus Labs AminOD – A new essential amino acid product hits the market.  I discuss why they chose to leave the essential amino acid methionine out of the product.  And why this can be useful if you are using any form of ketogenic diet, and how it applies to prohormone use.
  4. WIN – I’m giving away prohormones.  Listen to the episode and find out how you can win.

prohormone discussion podcast

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