In the fourth episode of the Prohormone Podcast we talk to John from Metabolic Alchemy:


  • About John and Metabolic Alchemy
  • All about prohormone support supplements
  • Why steroid users need “mood” supplements including magnolia bark, 5-HTP, and Theanine
  • Heart Health – With more and more bodybuilders suffering from heart ailments, we discuss CoQ10 (and ubiquinol), sesamin (a one time┬áhot fat burner), and a surprising heart helper – agmatine sulfate (also a popular pre-workout ingredient).
  • Liver Aids – Methylene Blue, how does this fish aquarium cleaner aid steroid users
  • Peptides – John talks about his experiences with growth hormone releasing peptides, and how they compare to synthetic human growth hormone.


For the full articles on Essential Supplements for the Anabolic User visit the following articles on Metabolic Alchemy:

prohormone support suplements

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-Travis DeGraff

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