In this week’s episode I announce the Iron Legion Mithras Winners, and new research tells us how to supplement protein.

  • #protein supplementationIron Legion Winners (email me)
  • Recap of the McMaster’s Post-Workout protein study – Full Details – Whey Protein vs. Leucine Post-Workout
  • How does a traditional bodybuilder supplement protein
  • How do Intermittent Faster’s supplement protein
  • How do IIFYM’ers (if it fits your macros) supplement protein
  • Which is the right way?
  • The University of Texas study – Is evenly spaced protein best?  Or are different doses needed?
  • My Protocol for MASSIVE gains using Leucine and Protein

“We hypothesized that an even protein distribution (;30 g for breakfast, 30 g for lunch, and 30 g for dinner) would result in a greater 24-h muscle protein synthetic response than the same total amount of protein delivered in a skewed format (;10 g for breakfast, 15 g for lunch, and 65 g for dinner).”


“This study demonstrates that consuming a moderate amount of high-quality protein 3 times a day stimulates muscle protein synthesis to a greater extent than the common practice of skewingprotein consumption toward the evening meal. Specifically, 24-h muscle protein synthesis was ;25% greater when protein intake was evenly distributed, compared with the SKEW diet. This result was not altered by several days of habituation to either protein distribution pattern.”

Check out the show, and let me know what you think of my new protein protocol.

By Travis DeGraff

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