In this week’s episode I discuss the popular drug Triptorelin and whether or not Triptorelin in PCT is a good idea.

  • triptorelin studyWhat I think works for 99% of PCT’s
  • Superactive Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone analogs – what are they?
  • Chemical castration and the “Flare”
  • The study that started all Triptorelin trend
  • Leuprolide – what is it?
  • The latest World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) study, and how it relates to Triptorelin
  • Can athletes abuse superactive gonadotropin releasing hormones?
  • Does repeated leuprolide administration decrease it’s testosterone boosting effect?
  • How do superactive gonadotropin releasing hormones effect estrogen, and DHT?
  • The biggest, and most common mistake with triptorelin use
  • Should you use triptorelin?

The table to the right is explained in this weeks show. ¬†The testosterone and DHT graphs below are also explained in detail. ¬†Hopefully this show wasn’t too confusing, but if you have any questions please feel free to post them below.

By Travis DeGraff

leuprolide study

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