Kilos of Steroids Seized

The Germans, have long been considered experts in anti-doping agents especially the lab in Cologne Germany at the German Sport University.  Just last year the lab reported 266 cases of failed drug tests in Olympic athletes after utilizing a sophisticated new steroid test which could detect steroid use several months earlier.

In an effort to continue to identify and catalog performance enhancing drugs, German Customs recorded material seizures from 2012 to 2013 [Ref 1].  How much does Germany seize in airports?  Well in that two year span they found 259 kilos of various steroids, 13 grams of popular stimulants DMAA, 25 kilos of various SERMs, and 3,800 ampoules of hGH, and peptides.  How this compares to a larger country like the USA, I don’t know.  I’m also not that familiar with custom laws in Germany, but I imagine, much like the USA, significantly more actually passes through customs without getting seized.  In other words it is likely a fraction of what is imported to Germany, but it may also be representative of the greater whole.

337 Black Market Samples Analyzed

Between 2010 and 2013 they decided to test 337 of the seized samples.  They wanted to find out what doping agent was in each, and if the label matched the contents of the bottle.  Of the 337 samples they were able to correctly identify one or more compounds in 311 products with 83.7% of those containing fairly common steroids (testosterone, nandrolone, trenbolone, winstrol, etc.).  Did the label claims match the products?  Well…

“Only 43 % of the black market products contained the substances declared on respective container labels. This low percentage demonstrates that many clandestine underground laboratories either lack knowledge and equipment to produce and/or to box the required compounds with adequate quality, or the customers’ health is knowingly put at serious risk in order to maintain or increase the distributor’s profit.”

Disappointing yes, but probably not all that surprising.  Of all the compounds identified they felt 3 were of special note, as they had not previously identified them in other black market products.

  1. LGD-4033 – This is a newer Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) that has recently been gaining popularity.  The product they tested was from research supply company Uniquemicals which contains 30 mL’s of 30 mg’s per mL.  While they did not test the amount contained in the bottle, they did find that it contained actual LGD-4033.
  2. Thymosin β4 – Otherwise sold as TB500 is popular for its healing effects.  What exactly it is healing is somewhat unknown at this point but people believe it improves joint integrity.  Research has shown it improves muscle repair as well.  Which form of Thymosin B4 research shops are selling has always been unknown.  Research shops advertise TB500 for sale, which is an acetylated fragment of Thymosin B4.  The German Customs Labs decided to buy and test DB Genetics LLC version, which was advertised as TB500.  What they found was actual Thymosin B4.
  3. 18-kDa fusion protein – The next super PED?  No, actually they determined this to be a failed attempt at creating some form of lyophilized protein.

While there isn’t much to learn from these German seizures, it is interesting to see how few black market products match up to label claims.  Included below is a chart showing which compounds matched labels.  And keep in mind while they did do qualitative testing, it seems they did not quantify each product.  So even the products which matched labels may have been severely under dosed.

black market


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