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I’ll admit it should not be surprising that LeCheek just entered into the prohormone game.  I say this because they have long sold a post cycle therapy (AD-3 PCT), and cycle support (Cycle Armor) product.  Still they have sold these for quite some time, so it seems their actual launch into the prohromone world has been slow.  Which brings us to their first prohormone product Andro-5A.

Andro-5A (1-androsterone and 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin)

You can quickly see how LeCheek derived the name for this product.  It is a 30 capsule bottle which contains 100 mg’s of  proprietary blend of the following two ingredients:

  • andro-5a label5a-hydroxy-laxogenin – This ingredient first hit the market in 2010, possibly even earlier.  Nonetheless its entire basis is supported by 1 study published in 1976 in Russian [1].  Apparently someone felt it was worth translating and putting the product on the market.  The study reported some anabolism via increased protein synthesis, but this was in rats.

    As quickly as it hit the market it also seemed to fade and we didn’t here much about it again until late last year.  Last year a company called Genabolix began advertising their laxogenin product to supplement companies (I got an email from them as well).  Since then three companies including LeCheek have launched laxogenin products.  The other two companies are also well known prohormone companies called LGI and Olympus Labs.  LGI has since stated they they tested multiple laxogenin products and very few of them were of a high quality.  Patrick Arnold (an industry chemist) also confirmed that in years of testing laxogenin products he had yet to see the real stuff (PA on laxogenin).  What this all means is that you must really trust the company you buy laxogenin from if you expect to get quality product.  It also means feedback is limited, and thus far there is no real gauge on how well it works compared to any other supplement on the market.

  • 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one – The second ingredient in Andro-5A is nothing new and you can already find it on the market under the names 1-Androsterone, 1-Andro, 1-DHEA, etc.  If you listened to the podcast on the new 1-Andro study then you already have a good idea of what this compound can do, which is a lot of lean body mass gains and increases in strength.  It’s a very effective, relatively healthy prohormone.

Andro-5A is it worth the price?

Andro-5ARight now on Orbit Nutrition the pre-sale price is $44.99 for Andro-5A.  My first question is why would you stack what is believed to be (we don’t know for sure because of the limited research) a natural anabolic like 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin with a prohormone like 1-Androsterone?  This is a concept that has never made sense to me, as the majority of time the prohormone is going to the compound that produces the results.  At 30 capsules and 100 mg’s per capsule it’s safe to say that 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one is dosed at 50 mg’s or less per capsule.  The Andro-5A label says to start with 1 capsule and take as many (but no more than) 2 capsules per day.  That means that overall you are likely taking in less than 100 mg’s of 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one per day.  In the 1-Andro study we know that they used 300 mg’s per day.  If you were to try and match that study you would need 3 bottles of Andro-5A, which would make it a very expensive supplement

Having said all that there is a small chance (very small) that 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin is more powerful than we know.  It could carry this product into the winners circle.  Personally I will save my money and wait and see if 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin is even on the market in a year.

By Travis DeGraff


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