By Travis DeGraff

N.O.-Xplode Causes Kidney Failure

Ahhhh the latest in anti-supplement propaganda just hit the research journals.  In this case a soldier was faced with severe kidney failure, but do we know exactly why?

The case study indicated the soldier checked himself into the Army Medical Center complaining of abdominal pain, a decreased appetite, and a pink coloring of his urine [reference].  His blood pressure was 154 over 81, which would be considered high (systolic).  All other physical health indicators were found to be normal.  Apparently after questioning him he had been training hard for about 3 months, and using N.O.-Xplode by BSN for the same three months.  He was using N.O.-Xplode according to the label directions, which according to this paper was 3 scoops per day on training days, and 1 scoop on non-training days.

Of course he denied the use of prescription medications and anabolic steroids.  Now you might be thinking, just as I was, that as a soldier in the U.S. Army you might not want to admit to the use of anabolics.  And if you were to face some health issues like this, then it might just be easier to blame an over the counter supplement.  And you and I are both thinking that because it is the logical thing to do to save your ass.

N.O.-Xplode Causes Kidney FailureThe Bloodwork Says…

Here’s a look at his creatinine levels throughout his hospital stay:

  • Admittance –  9.45 mg/dL
  • Day 1 – 10.64 mg/dL
  • Day 6 – 2.1 mg/dL
  • Day 9 – 1.07 mg/dL

Based on these creatinine levels the estimated initial glomerular filtration rate was just 6.8, which is indicative of kidney failure.  Glomerular filtration rate is simply an estimated rate of how much blood passes through the kidneys.  He had extremely high levels of potassium in his blood (hyperkalemia), which can cause issues such as weakness and even heart problems.  Because of his condition he was immediately treated with 3 days of high dosed IV steroids.  Once the kidney biopsy came back they found tubular necrosis, or simply kidney cell death.  After 6 days he was given oral steroids, and by day 9 he seemed to return to normal.

This Case Study Sucks

The case study goes on to essentially blame BSN N.O.-Xplode for his kidney issues.  They felt that due to the proprietary blend of the product, that it was beyond the scope of their time to research every ingredient to determine the culprit of this man’s kidney issues.  They also suggest it was a result of the creatine in the product, because there were three other case studies on creatine showing similar issues (out of the millions of creatine users in history).

The authors even go on to admit their blame may be inappropriate:

“Ultimately, the unknowns involved in this case make it impossible to know exactly why the patient developed renal failure, but they do demonstrate the deep-rooted problems with dietary supplement use.”

Translation – “We don’t know why the fuck this happened but let’s blame the supplement he was using.”

I mean if it works for the Olympia 212lb Champ Flex Lewis, then it can’t be this BSN supplement!  Right?


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