By Travis DeGraff


“O lawd”  That’s what I said when I read this was actually hitting the market.  Celtic Labs continues to push the prohormone market with new and interesting products.  The latest is M1T-Oxime or Methyl-1-Testosterone with an oxime addition.  If you remember your steroid history first there was 1-Testosterone, which is about 7 times more anabolic than testosterone itself.  Since 1-Testosterone itself had poor oral bioavailability it often had to be injected or used as a transdermal.  Then along came along M1T (or 17-hydroxy-17-methyl-5-androst-1-en-3-one), and as always oral steroids with a methyl in the 17th position often come with hepatotoxicity (liver stress).

How M1T-Oxime Works

M1T may go down in history as one of the strongest designer steroids of all time.  Perhaps superdrol is the only designer steroid that can match both the rapid gains in mass, and strength.  But M1T, like superdrol, is very hard on the liver.  And thus it cannot be used for long periods of time.  Now that M1T is banned, Celtic Labs attempts to overcome this with M1T-Oxime.  Which is simply M1T with an oxime addition.  The idea is that the oxime will be hydrolyzed once ingested and leave the powerful M1T.  If this works we can expect similar size, strength, and liver stress to old banned M1T.

M1T-Oxime Cycle Tips

Because M1T-Oxime is so new it’s too early to say if it’s working as designed.  If you were to pick this up (they do have a good pre-sale price right now) and give it a run keep the following in mind.

  • m1t-oximeM1T-Oxime Cycles should be short 3-4 weeks
  • Doses should mimic that of it’s predecessor which range from 5 to 20 mg’s per day
  • 1 bottle of M1T-Oxime contains more than enough for a cycle with 90 caps of 5 mg’s per capsule
  • Split your dose into two or more doses per day.  This may help alleviate the next issue…
  • Blood pressure can spike quickly and early in a cycle.  Have some baby aspirin on hand, or feel free to use a cycle support supplement (it helps to start cycle support products 1-2 weeks before your M1T-Oxime cycle.
  • Eat BIG!  M1T was known for its ability to pack on a lot of mass fast.  M1T-Oxime should be no different.
  • Be wary of lethargy.  M1T was known to cause severe lethargy.  Stacking it with a “test base” like Celtic Labs Trestobol is a good idea if you want to avoid this side effect (and it certainly will help add more mass).
  • Monitor your health.  If you start feeling like shit at week 3, and have a complete loss of appetite, that’s a good sign your liver is crying for help.  The best way to help you liver is to simply stop the cycle.
  • Run a strong Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).  M1T caused rapid suppression, in fact there was a guy posting in 2003 on Anabolicminds who had his lab work done almost daily.  As you can see in this link by Day 3 of his M1T cycle luteinizing hormone (LH) was almost zero – (M1T Cycle with Blood Work).

With all this in mind it’s possible M1T-Oxime just doesn’t work as planned or has totally different effects (this isn’t uncommon even with small structural changes).  I will try to update this after some time passes to be more accurate.  Until that time feel free to post your experiences in the comments below.


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