Forum Drama Reveals Fake LGI DMZ-15

It’s hard to let drama go unnoticed.  Especially when it’s surrounding prohormones.  And over the course of 24 hours there has been some drama surrounding the popular prohormone LGI DMZ-15.  LGI DMZ-15 contains 75 capsules of 15 mg’s of 17b-hydroxy-2a, 17b-dimethyl-5a-androstan-3-one-azine, or more commonly known as dymethazine.  LGI in general is known for very high quality products.  LGI has a significant following in the prohormone world and they are not a brand I would hesitate to recommend to anyone.  Because of their positive reputation, they are also a target for counterfeit products.  Before we get into that, first here’s a quick reminder of what exactly dimethazine is:

Dimethazine or 2a,17a-dimethyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol-3-one-azine, which is quite simply two superdrol molecules bonded together and is known for having superdrol like effects.  Since it’s introduction to the market in 2009 it has become more popular as actual superdrol was banned.  Meaning the results were never quite as good as superdrol itself, but certainly not far off.  Dosing ranges from 15 to 45 mg’s per day.

The LGI DMZ-15 Drama

Today the drama began when someone questioned the capsule color of their LGI DMZ-15.  They had heard (correctly) that capsules were white, and oddly their capsules were orange.  They were also off-put by the label seemingly carelessly placed on the bottle.  Take a look for yourself:

lgi dmz-15lgi dmz-15lgi dmz-15

The owner/operator of Lockout Nutrition appeared online to validate no LGI products have been produced with orange capsules.  The owner/operator has a known reputation for working closely with the LGI brand.  After some review he stated the following:

“I think it’s safe to say it’s not DMZ.”

– Greg@lockout Read the Full Thread

Greg essentially indicated that no LGI DMZ-15 had ever been produced with orange capsules.  He then attempted to find out who was selling these, which we may never know.  Meanwhile another individual who purchased LGI DMZ-15 in the forum classifieds opened up his bottle, to find that his capsules were also orange.  He also indicated the bottles were dark, but “kinda transparent which isn’t LGI.  And the sticker at the bottom just has a date.  Not a mfg +date and a serial code.  Definitely fake.”  Full thread here

Nonetheless it’s probably best to avoid purchasing LGI DMZ-15 from non-authorized LGI retailers.  Or perhaps just stick with Lockout for LGI products until we know more.

Counterfeit prohormones are not uncommon.  Competitive Edge Labs or “CEL” was perhaps the most popular prohormone company of all time.  During that time, and even today, counterfeit CEL prohormones will pop up on ebay and similar classified sites.  It’s unfortunate, but success will breed those who simply want to ride the gravy train (and fuck you over).

– Travis DeGraff

(NOTE – If you have a bottle of LGI DMZ-15 do us all a favor and post below the color of your capsules, and the date on the bottom of the bottle.  Thanks)

3 thoughts on “News – Fake LGI DMZ-15?

  1. Mike says:

    Color-white, MFG-8 2013, #-3170813… I also bought these off of Amazon. Looks good, but I won’t be doing it again.

  2. John says:

    Hey I know it’s been about 5 months since this discussion came but I actually am concerned about the authenticity of mine. I bought these two off of ebay (two different sellers, about a year ago, used it for two weeks (had some progress but not nearly what I expected) but then my blood work came back from my PC doctor that my blood pressure spiked (about 180-ish), which I’ve always been about the 140 range. Anyone the first one was “Furuza-50mg # 60”, the label looks EXACTLY like the ones you see from lockout, white color, has a sticker with the MFG date ( MFG-8 2013) & serial # 3060813. But what concerns me is that the bottle, though dark is “somewhat” transparent where you can see the white capsules when looking at the bottle closely. Also, the label is a bunched up in a very small section.

    Next is the DMZ-15, white capsules, NO TRANSPARENCY OF DARK BLACK BOTTLE. Everything looks great as far as everything else. My only red flag is that the sticker at the end looks “EXACTLY” like the picture above. No MFG or serial #, just a date that says 07-2014 (inside the sticker, above the date are two arrow openings that point is opposite directs. Exactly like the sticker in the above pic just a different date). Thanks in advance for any and feedback.

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