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I’m taking the week off from recording a podcast, but I did want to get to one question I received about a first cycle (I know how anxious people can be about their first prohormone cycle).  I’ll break this question up as there is a lot to explain, but hopefully by the end of this post you will have a better understanding as to whether or not stacking the prohormones furazadrol and 11-Oxo (adrenosterone) is a good first prohormone cycle.

First Timer Stats

  • 34 year old male
  • Height – 6’2″
  • Weight – 237lbs
  • Body Fat – 17% bf with calipers
  • Training Experience – “Been lifting since I was in high school but only in the last 3 years I have tried to put on size and not just focus on staying lean all the time.”

His Proposed Cycle

“I had proposed the 11-oxo and furazadrol cycle but where its my first cycle I was rethinking of running 2 different compounds. I was thinking of just running 11-oxo alone now at a slightly higher dosing schedule. I had recently been reading about 5-Alpha Test and was thinking that could be a decent addition to a run of 11-Oxo. So my question is really if you were me for a first run would you go the oxo/fura , oxo alone or oxo/5-alpha and how would you structure dosing.”

I highlighted the above phrase in red for one reason.  90% of the time I would not recommend using two different prohormones for your first cycle.  The reason for this is simple.  If you suddenly get bad side effects you have no idea which prohormone to blame for it.  Of course you can always stop one and continue with the other, to see if the side effects go away, but there is always the potential you choose the wrong prohormone to stop.  And the side effects just keep getting worse.  And you will notice even this user points out that he is hesitant about using two different prohormones for his first cycle.

first prohormone cycleNow disregarding that rule of thumb his proposed first cycle isn’t two outlandish.  Here’s what he orginally sent:

“11-oxo will be at 300mg’s/day all 8 weeks I will only write it for the first 2 weeks so not to leave them empty”

  • week 1-2 11-oxo 300mg solo
  • week 3-4 furazadrol 150mg
  • week 5-7 furazadrol 200mg
  • week 8 furazadrol 250mg

First it’s important to understand each compound in this cycle.  I talked about 11-Oxo and 11-Ketotestosterone in the last post – Anti-Aging Prohormone.  11-Oxo is a precursor to 11-Ketotestosterone.  Both are good prohormones for cutting cycles.  For 11-Oxo the minimum recommended dose is about 300mg’s, especially for someone over 200lbs.  Also many believe that at 300 mg’s or less 11-Oxo is not suppressive to natural testosterone, that’s never been validated by any research, but in general it’s considered a mild prohormone.  Cycles are generally longer 6+ weeks, and doses go as high as 1 gram per day, while most prohormone users like a dose of around 600 to 700 mg’s per day.

Furazadrol (or Orastan-A), like 11-Oxo is also a popular cutting prohormone.  Originally released by Gaspari, and later Axis Labs, this prohormone has had a history of impurity [1].  While both were popular it’s possible neither contained the correct compound.  More recently Greg with Lockout Nutrition has further questioned the purity of existing furazadrol products [2].  Former prohormone company Competitive Edge Labs (CEL) has stated their furazadrol product was very pure, however you’ll be lucky to find any original CEL on the market anymore as they stopped producing prohormones years ago.  What I’m saying in all this is that it may be wise to choose your furazadrol prohormone carefully.  Now Greg at Lockout may have just been trying to scare people to buy the company he helps sell – LGI, but it’s hard to ignore these test results he posted showing a high degree of purity – LGI Furaza-50 Test Results.  So if I had to choose one furazadrol product, it would be LGI’s.  Dosing should be a minimum of 200 mg’s per day, with an optimal dose of 300 mg’s, so yes it can be an expensive prohormone.

Stacking Furaza and 11-Oxo for a First Prohormone Cycle

With all that now known, we can talk about actually stacking these two prohormones.  This happens to be one stack that I do think is fine for a first prohormone cycle.  The reason for this is that neither of these prohormones are known for any noticeable side effects, and they are both potent cutters (this guy’s goal for his cycle).  Of course I would not recommend this for a bulking cycle.  And the Furazadrol dose could be slightly higher for a first prohormone cycle, but overall it’s not bad.  The planned 8 weeks is about perfect (any shorter and these compounds can often have lackluster results).  Of course with all this in mind the right diet, training, and rest will always dictate the result of any prohormone cycle.

By Travis DeGraff

5 thoughts on “Furazadrol and 11-Oxo for a First Prohormone Cycle

  1. cliff says:

    Do you need PCT or any type of cycle assist with this duo?

  2. roman says:

    fura-150250 to keep it safe yet fairly effective
    pct- last 2 wks of cycle and pct with life support by AI, orto stay real cheap you can always use milk thistle +nac/glutathione+tumerc/curcumin is real good 3 chp ones. or for 10-15 more bucks you can run the ai life support that i take all year round, budget willing.

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