Day after day you hear of “bunk gear” on the market.  Guys will claim that all UG (under ground) lab steroids are at least 50% under dosed.  Or simply not what is on the label.  At the end of the day very few people are actually testing the legitimacy of the steroids they are using.  So what if there was an orginazation that tested your gear, anonymously, for free?  Sounds utterly absurd, right?

The WEDINOS Project

In September of 2013 the Welsh government launched an organization called the Welsh Emerging Drugs and Identification of Novel Substances Project, or the WEDINOS Project for short.  The purpose of the WEDINOS Project was to help identify psychoactive street drugs that were legal, yet often dangerous.  It all started when a series of patients were admitted to emergency in 2009 and the doctors were left feeling helpless as they could not identify what the victims had consumed.  Overall the goal is to save lives.  Street drug users often will take anything for a high, regardless if it is what they think it is.

The WEDINOS Project allows any Welsh citizen to anonymously send them a drug sample.  Each sample is sent with a randomly generated Reference Code.  That code allows the sender to complete a look up and find their test results once the sample has been tested.  If WEDINOS finds anything particularly alarming, is mislabeled public health notices are posted.

Is it working?  It’s hard to say based on early reports, however perhaps more interestingly is that this BBC report states that less than 30% of the drugs submitted are not controlled.  Meaning the majority are illegal drugs, yet WEDINOS still posts the results of all samples.  So obviously, if one wanted to confirm they purchased nandrolone (for example), they could send in a sample and have it confirmed.  Look up sample W000198 on their reference page to see someone who actually had their deca tested.  Here’s some of their other interesting findings by sample:

hyperdrive test results000033779 – ALRI Hyperdrive 3.0 was tested and they found the three stimulants its label claims to have (caffeine, methylsynephrine, and yohimbine)

W000151 – A blue tablet believed to be Anavar (50 mg’s) that was actually Winstrol

W000107 – A testosterone enanthate ampule that was actually testosterone enanthate, and trenbolone acetate.

W000108 – A vial of Pro Chem Labratories Trenbolone Acetate that actually contained trenbolone acetate

000026306 – Red Star Nandrolone Decanoate that was actually trenbolone enanthate, and deca

W000085 – 50mg tabs of Rohm Labs Anavar, that was actually anavar

There were also a variety of British Dragon, and Delta Pharma test results.  Obviously not typical American gear, but interesting nonetheless.  There is some talk of a similar program coming to Austrailia.  Whether we will every see something like this reach the United States I don’t know.  But I suspect it would be unlikely, and if they did a free for all of free steroid testing would ensue.

By Travis DeGraff

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