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Recently a new prohormone blend has been getting some attention. Blends in general tend to sell really well, but are often difficult to properly dose unless a lot of care is put into the thought process when these companies make create the product.

In this case, Maximus Labs Chizeled includes three steroids/prohormones (60 capsules per bottle):

50mg- 6-cholor (Hexadrone)
150mg- Epiandrosterone or Stanodrol

maximus labs chiseledHere’s a look at each…

Epistane – “Epi” is typically dosed anywhere from 30 to as much as 100 mg’s per day. The sweet spot for most guys varies between 40 and 70 mg’s. To get to this level of Epi with Chizeled you would need about 3 to 6 capsules per day. Which means a bottle would last around 10 to 20 days.

Hexadrone (6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one) – Hexadrone is a controversial steroid.  Primarily because the first company to launch it (Shredded Labs) apparently did not do adequate testing, and it was later found to contain very little actual hexadrone (only 60% and quite a lot of testosterone).  That company has since changed it’s name and moved on.  It is now sold by others as a standalone ingredient (Mr. Supps 6-Mdrol for example), but feedback from users is very limited at this point in time.  It’s believed to have a poor oral bioavailability, and doses around 300 mg’s per day are recommended.  Meaning again 5-6 capsules for a proper dose of hexadrone.

Epiandrosterone or Stanodrol -It’s odd to label a product with “OR” in the same ingredient line.  Especially since Stanodrol and Epiandrosterone are technically different.  Stanodrol was a combination of epiandrosterone (beta isomer) and androsterone (alpha isomer).  While both are similar, the effects are known to be slightly different.  Androsterone typically provides better fat loss (or so people beleive), but can also cause general lethargy in some people (GABA receptor activation).  Epiandrosterone is known for adding aggression, and an overall better feeling of energy.  Regardless of the odd labeling practice, the product is dosed at 150 mg’s per capsule.  A typical dose is around anywhere from 400 to 1 gram per day.  Assuming a moderate dose of 600 mg’s per day you would need 4 capsules per day.

Dosing Chizeled

As you can see to get reasonably adequeate doses of each prohormone, you would need at least 4 caps per day.  So each bottle might last 15 days, and to get the wanted effects you would want to run at least a 4 week cycle (2 bottles), and this could safely be run at least 6 weeks (3 bottles).  If you can get this Maximus Labs product for cheap it might be worth a shot, but at this point it’s unproven.  If you decide to try it out I’d be interested in your review, so shoot me an email ( and I’ll update this post with your review.

-Travis DeGraff

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