Mithras Version 2

Iron Legion announced today they are launching the second version of their dimethandrostenol product – Mithras Nanoparticles.   Mithras is also known as 2,17α-dimethyl-17β-hydroxy-5α-androst-2-ene, and you can read a little more information on the original product back in this post – Iron Legion Mithras.

mithras nanoparticlesThe new version two has two major differences:

  1. The dimethandrostenol molecule has been nanoparticled
  2. Rather than a capsule, the new product is a suspension containing a larger per bottle dose!

I’ll explain the nanoparticles in a minute, but the higher dose means that each bottle will contain 750 mg’s of active compound vs. the previous 450 mg’s in the first version of Mithras.  And to top it off it sounds as if the price will remain the same as version 1 for Mithras Nanoparticles.  So basically without even considering the improvements related to nanoparticles you are getting more value.

Mithras Nanoparticles

The easiest way to explain nanoparticles is to compare it to the most popular supplement of all time – creatine.  Now creatine monohydrate is sold in regular powder form and in micronized form.  If you have ever had both you can literally compare them and micronized creatine seems finer, and even “smaller” by just looking at it.  Micronization is a process in which the compound is made smaller, by making it smaller you increase the surface area.  A greater surface area subsequently improves it’s pharmocokinetic profile.  In the case of creatine bioavialability isn’t really an issue, but gastrointestinal discomfort is, and micronizing it helps avoid that problem.

Keep in mind micronizing reduces a compound down to micrometers, which is really quite small.  But nanoparticles are even smaller than micrometers.  In fact 1,000 nanometers equal 1 micrometer.  Micronized creatine is often labeled around 180 micrometers, while the new Mithras Nanoparticles is said to be 50 to 800 nanometers.  So significantly smaller.  How much this will improve the efficacy of Mithras Nanoparticles we don’t know for sure, I can show you some examples of what it has done for other supplements and bodybuilding related drugs.

Curcumin – A supplement popular for everything from joint health to heart health in steroid users, however the bioavailability is low.  In fact even after 8 grams of curcumin blood levels did not increase [1].  Because of this a new form of curcumin was developed called Theracurmin, which is currently in Phase I clinical trials for an anti-cancer drug.  Theracurmin is simply curcumin nanoparticles at a size of 190 nanometers.  In rats theracurmin had a 30 fold higher bioavailability than regular curcumin.  And in health human people it requires significantly less of a dose to raise blood levels of curcumin. (check the table below and note the doses to compare blood levels)

mithras nanoparticle

Raloxifene – A selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), that is particularly popular for fighting and preventing gyno.   What most don’t know is that it’s broken down significantly in the gut and has a resulting bioavialability of only 2%.  Thankfully it’s such an effective drug that you don’t need a huge dose to fight gyno.  Nonetheless to improve bioavailability they created raloxifene nanoparticles (167 nanometers) and tested them in rats (common first step in pharmacology studies).  They found that using nanoparticles increased bioavailability 3.24 fold [2].

Empty Stomach – Well this isn’t supplement or drug but lipophilic drugs are best absorbed with fatty meals.  Unfortunately the cholesterol lowering drug fenofibrate is recommended with a low fat diet.  To overcome this they first micronized the drug, and eventually they now nanonised fenofibrate.  By doing this they have been able to reduce a standard dose from 200 mg’s to 145 mg’s, and taking it with a fatty meal is no longer as necessary [3].

As you can see in the above by increasing the surface area of the molecule you gain several pharmacological advantages.  This all suggests good things for Mithras Nanoparticles, and even Iron Legion is recommending a lower dose of no more than 25 mg’s per day.  This is possibly one of the strongest new compounds we have seen in years and I’m inclined to agree that no more than their recommended dose is needed for a strong cycle.  If you have never used Mithras I suggest you do not stack it with anything until you have some experience with it.  If you do give this a shot, post up your thoughts and results in the comments below.

By Travis DeGraff



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