Muscle-Research Beastdrol V2

Muscle-Research (formerly Need to Build Muscle) is set to launch their Beastdrol V2 prohormone in early January. The first Beastdrol was simply SuperDrol, which is now a controlled substance.

Beastdrol V2 indicates it will have four compounds, but only one is a true prohormone – Methylstenbolone. It appears each bottle will include 90 capsules with 4 mg’s of Methylstenbolone per capsule. Remember Methylstenbolone is typically dosed in the 16 to 30 mg per day range. So at least four capsules per day may be needed. Muscle-Research has yet to publish their recommended dose for Beastdrol V2 but I suspect it will be 2-3 capsules per day.

The other three compounds in Beastdrol V2 are somewhat odd. I say this because they have included two aromatase inhibitors (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-Dione and Acacetin or 4-methoxy-5,7-dihydroxy flavone) as well as a natural testosterone booster (fenugreek). Acacetin is not something I’ve seen advertised as an aromatase inhibitor before but it has an IC50 value of about 222nM which makes it much weaker than arimidex for example (IC50 of 14.6). [1]

I say this is odd as Methylstenbolone is not known to elevate estradiol to any great degree. Aromatase inhibitors in general are not needed unless you are using a steroid that converts to a greater degree of estrogen such as testosterone or a prohormone like trestolone.

And if you listened to Episode #2 of the Podcast you know that too much estrogen inhibition can actually prevent fat loss (this is likely due to a drastic reduction in growth hormone, when estrogen is too low).

Fenugreek is an interesting addition to Beastdrol V2 as there is some evidence it can be beneficial for kidney health. However I certainly don’t think it’s going to maintain or elevate natural testosterone levels to any great degree when it’s stacked with a powerful designer steroid like methylstenbolone. So it seems its only purpose may be for kidney health.

All in all Beastdrol V2 seems to be a Methylstenbolone based prohormone with mild to strong aromatase inhibiting qualities. Mild to strong simply because it depends on your dose. Either way this should be a very “dry” strong prohormone with solid gains at a relatively high price (it’s currently on pre-sale for $59.99). Currenctly, as Beastdrol V2 is currently discontinued, you can check out Beastdrol V3 at

-Travis DeGraff


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