By Travis DeGraff

DermaFury – Topical Furazadrol

dermafury furazadrolOlympus Labs has now been in the prohormone game for what seems like at least one year. Which in this world is long enough to start giving them some respect for what they are bringing to the market. The reviews also seem to be consistently positive. The prices are reasonable, and the selection is growing rapidly. Having said all that for the most part they have been a “clone” company. Meaning they have not really brought anything new or original to the market.  That is until this most recent launch of DermaFury, a topical Furazadrol product (also known as 5a-etioallocholan(2,3-c)furazan-17b-tetrahydropyranol, or 5a-androstano[2,3-c]furazan-17b-tetrahydropyranol ether).

Furazadrol has a history of impurities (Read this for more info – LGI Furazadrol Test Results), but it seems to be making a comeback which suggests there is high quality raws available. DermaFury unlike all previous Furazadrol products is a topical.  Meaning it’s suspended in a liquid and you rub it on your skin.  The carrier is designed to allow Furazadrol to penetrate the skin and avoid first pass metabolism.  Rendering more of the hormone available for anabolic action in your body.  Topicals also tend to prolong the half life of prohormones so that you don’t need to dose as frequently like you would an oral/capsule Furazadrol product (more on this later).

Furazadrol History – Bols and Drols

To understand the effects of Furazadrol it’s first important to understand its predecessor – Furazabol.  Furazabol is a derivative of stanozolol, or better known in the AAS world as winstrol or winny.  Winny as you know is a popular contest prep drug.  Its effects are often attributed to that hard grainy look bodybuilders strive to achieve on stage.  Winny is used in 4 to 6 week cycles in doses of 50 mg’s per day to 100 mg’s (and even higher). Furazabol as a derivative of winny produces many of the same effects.  Neither of them aromatize to estrogen, which means they produce very dry, lean gains in strength and mass.

Unfortunately both winny and furazabol are illegal to possess as controlled substances.  This is why Rich Gaspari and Gaspari Nutrition launched Furazadrol (or Orastan-A under the name brand).  Gaspari was able to make a legal version of furazabol by removing the 17th carbon methyl group and adding the “THP ETHER” or tetrahydropyranol to the same position.

What this means in layman’s terms is that they took methylated furazabol and made it non-methylated. And as you might guess it made Furazadrol significantly less stressful on the liver, but also considerably more mild in terms of gains/results.  Since the time Gaspari launched Orastan-A, we have since learned it did not contain Furazadrol with the THP ether but rather isoxazole steroids [Ref 1].  Nonetheless it is believed that quality furazabol THP Ether has existed on the market in the form of CEL’s Furaza-A, and now LGI’s Furaza-50.

Since some form of Furazadrol THP ether has been on the market for a few years, we do know that it does work, and largely as advertised.  Which makes it a milder form of furazabol/winstrol.

DermaFury – THP ETHER’less

With oral Furazadrol the THP ether is intended to prevent breakdown of the furaza steroid molecule.  Still, the THP ether is hydrolyzed (removed) once it hits your stomach by your stomach acid.  The theory is the THP ether may aid in the hormone getting absorbed by the lymphatic system. Whether or not this is true is unknown as there is very little pharmacology and bioavailability information on both Furazadrol and drugs utilizing the THP Ether group.

DermaFury on the other hand is Furazadrol without the THP Ether.  This is important because Furazadrol with a THP ether would not be able to pass through the skin due to it’s high molecular weight.  DermaFury as a topical liquid contains only the base Furazadrol for this reason.  Without the THP Ether transdermal passage through the skin is now possible.

Topical vs. Oral Furazadrol

While there is no pharmacology data on furazadrol, there is quite a bit of data on other topical anabolics.  And in general we have seen active compounds such as this do very well in topical solutions.  Some current examples include 11-ketotestosterone, and testosterone (androgel).  Both of these examples typically outperform that of there oral counterparts when it comes to bioavialability.  Another benefit is the possibility that the sustained release nature of this topical (which all topicals typically do) will help retain a higher plasma level of furazadrol.  The oral half-life is believed to be very short because an excretion study of furazabol showed it to only be less than 2 hours [Ref 2].  It’s a reasonable assumption to believe oral furazadrol will have a similar half life.  Which means you should be dosing it frequently.  With DermaFury, once a day dosing is sufficient.

At the end of the day this looks to be promising on paper.  I’ve listed some example cycles below for your reference.  It seems a bottle of DermaFurty will run about $45.  A bottle in total contains 3 grams of furazadrol.  At the same time Olympus Labs does offer an oral furazadrol product called Furaza-300, which contains a whopping 9 grams of furazadrol THP Ether!  Unfortunately you have to pay a premium for that extra 6 grams of furazadrol as it retails for around $80 per bottle.  If you decide to run either, please post your experiences below.  We may not know how well, or not well, DermaFury works until more guys get the opportunity to run it.

DermaFury Contents

Dermafury contains:

60 Servings
1 Serving = Half a “Pump”
2 Servings = One full “Pump”
(this means dosing 1 serving could prove difficult depending on the quality of the bottle)

1 Serving = 50 mg’s of 5a-androstano[2,3-c]Furazan-17b-ol (or 50 mg’s of furazadrol base)

The carrier (liquid) contains the following:  Benzyl alcohol, octyl salicylate, isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol, isopropyl myristate, d-limonene, thiazone, nerolidol

Best Use

It should be noted this is one of the more expensive prohormones, so those with a thin wallet may want to look at other options.

Beginners – Best used for cutting cycles, and/or lean bulking.  The goal should be to look better (recomp).  It’s unlikely you will gain a lot of mass and strength unless the dose is pushed higher.

Intermediate Users – If you are someone with prohormone experience you are going to want to stack this with something stronger.  It stacks well with virtually all “methyls”, and runs pretty low on side effects.

Advanced Users – If you like to dabble in strong compounds such as trenbolone, and strong orals like methylstenbolone you may not experience much from a solo run of DermaFury/Furazadrol.  If you are looking for a mild cycle, and you have a lot of money, this may be a fun one to megadose.

Beginner Cycle

Cycle Length – 4 to 6 Weeks

Goal – Lean Bulking/Recomping or Cutting

Dosing – Start at 1 serving (half pump) per day for the first week.  Then increase to 1 full pump (2 servings) per day for the remainder of the cycle.

PCT – Once the bottle is gone you need to run a post cycle therapy (PCT).  Listen to this episode for information on PCT – The Best PCT.

Intermediate Cycle

Cycle Length – 4 to 8 Weeks

Goal – Lean Bulking/Recomping or Cutting

Dosing – Don’t be afraid to start at 1 full pump (2 servings or 100 mg’s per day) right off the bat.  You will likely want two bottles to run 100 mg’s for 8 weeks, or 100 mg’s for 4 weeks, followed by 2 weeks at 200 mg’s per day.

Stack With – For a cutting cycle you can actually run this with something like Trestobol for the first 3 weeks, then something hard and fast like DMZ or Methystenbolone the final 3 weeks (assuming a 6 week cycle).  For example:

Week 1:  100 mg’s of DermaFury (morning), 50 mg’s Trestobol (preworkout)
Week 2:  100 mg’s of DermaFury (morning), 50 mg’s Trestobol (preworkout)
Week 3:  100 mg’s of DermaFury (morning), 50 mg’s Trestobol (preworkout)
Week 4:  100 mg’s of DermaFury (morning), 15 mg’s DMZ (preworkout)
Week 5:  200 mg’s of DermaFury (morning), 30 mg’s DMZ (1 dose with meal, 1 dose preworkout)
Week 6:  200 mg’s of DermaFury (morning), 45 mg’s DMZ (spread over day with meals)


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