Superdrol Causes Stroke?

Late last month I reported a case study where a 27 year old suffered a heart attack.  He lived, but his high homocysteine levels and damaged (narrowed) anterior descending artery into his heart will leave a lasting effect.  That bring me to an even newer case study in a 40 year old male out of the United Kingdom [1].

This man checked himself into emergency services after feeling weakness and numbness on the right side of his body.  He had two separate episodes that each lasted 10 minutes.  Numbness in limbs or other parts of the body on one side is often indicative of a stroke in the opposite side of your brain.  Upon questioning him he admitted to steroid use, and his medical history included treatment of cholestasis (liver injury) 6 years prior to this event.  His previous liver problems were related to anabolic steroid use.  He claimed he was currently using the following anabolics:

  • superdrol causes strokeSuperdrol
  • Winstrol
  • Testosterone
  • Trenbolone

They did not record the doses he was using in the case study, or the length of time he had been using them.  They simply indicated he was using them for body building purposes.  He claimed to not be using cocaine or any other amphetamines.  His blood pressure was 210 (systolic) over 100 (diastolic), which is considered Stage 2 hypertension and is usually treated with blood pressure lowering meds.  Other diagnostics included:

  • 94% Oxygen Saturation (the amount of oxygen in your blood, where 95 to 100% is considered normal)
  • Hematocrit of 56.9% (40.7 – 50.3% is normal range, this indicates high red blood cell count)
  • Hemoglobin concentration of 20.6 g/dl (normal range is 13 to 17 g/dl, and again indicative of low blood oxygen levels)
  • Mildly elevated alanine transaminase (live AST)
  • Brain MRI’s indicated poor blood flow into the organ
  • Transcranial doppler showed reduced blood flow velocities in the brain

It’s somewhat unclear what the doctors did next, but they indicated over the next two weeks he suffered 2 additional strokes.  After each they gave him a phlebotomy (blood draw) to reduce his hematocrit levels.  Fast forward 1 more month and his brain MRI’s showed some tissue death.  3 months after discontinuing anabolics, his hematocrit levels, and blood pressure returned to normal with no medication.

What is to blame?

Okay so you may have figured out we cannot specifically blame this on superdrol.  But the authors of this case study do believe it’s a result of increased red blood cell production (or polycythemia) as a result of his anabolic steroid use.  In their opinion there was no other genetic, or predisposition to this event:

“We propose that increased blood  viscosity, secondary to AAS-induced polycythemia in this case, directly contributed to cerebral infarction, evidenced by the abnormal perfusion imaging, reduced middle cerebral  artery velocities and lack of traditional risk factors for lacunar infarction.”

You might be thinking “well fuck this is scary”.  While it is, and it could potentially happen to anyone, being a smart prohormone or anaoblic user is going to keep this from happing in the large majority of users.  Most users of anabolics cycle them to return things like hematocrit back to normal levels.  Those who stay on long periods of time know that it’s wise to go donate blood (reduces hematocrit).  All of this is simply a reminder that your health and longevity do matter, so take them seriously.


By Travis DeGraff


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