We realized in order to keep you coming back to the Prohormone Podcast, we needed to offer you more than just one weekly podcast show.  Because of this we have created an auction site that allows you to list your supplements for sale for free.  We hope to build a market place unlike any large brand competitors  (Amazon, eBay, etc.) where you don’t end up paying half of your profits back to the site host.

Posting up your supplements for sale is extremely easy.  All you need to do is enter your email and username to gain access to the ‘My Account’ features.  Posting a supplement is even easier.  We have even integrated the site with Facebook, so you can use their API to login.  You set the prices, you write the listing description, set how long you want to host the auction, and you can even set a buy now price.  We even allow you to take offers.  This all makes for an easier selling/buying transaction.

Reliable sellers.  It’s important that we have reliable sellers using the platform.  For that reason we have implemented a rating system.  Every time you purchase from a seller you will have a chance to also rate them on how well they came through on packaging, and timely shipping.

If you have any questions on buying or selling here at The Prohormone Podcast, please send us an email:

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