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Now that DS Supps Craze has been pulled from the market (or at least mostly pulled) some new research has been published regarding it’s contents.  Patrick Arnold first reported it contained some form of methamphetamine calling it N-ethyl-a-ethyl-phenethylamine (or N,alpha-diethylbenzeneethanamine and N-ethyl-1-phenyl-2-butylamine and N,alpha-DEPEA).  The controversy has developed over time which eventually led to a USA Today expose on the owner of DS Supps Matt Cahill and his shady history.  DS Supps continues to claim innocence, even after considerable evidence suggested otherwise.  Then hit news that the positive drug tests were a result of N-ethyl-a-ethyl-phenethylamine  or “ETH” found in DS Supps Craze.  Last I checked DS Supps was still claiming Craze contains no illegal or banned substances not listed on the label.  Let’s look at the newest DS Supps Crazy study.

craze study

Craze is still the first product shown on the DS Supps homepage

University of Mississippi Craze Study

This month, the University of Mississippi published a new Craze study [1].  The study results were concluded as follows:

  • Of all the products analyzed, only Craze powder and Detonate capsules contained ETH
  • All products analyzed were negative for NDP.
  • Craze, Detonate and Assault contain some levels of PEA.
  • The presence of ETH in some performance-enhancing dietary supplements, not identified on the label, could explain the positive drug tests for ETH that resulted in the banning of some athletes from international competition.

To add they found that in four of the five tested lots of Craze they found ETH in the range of 4.27 mg’s to 8.5 mg’s per gram of Craze powder.  Notably batch number 1206418 (expiry date of 06/15 purchased from contained no detectable amounts of ETH.  The batches containing ETH included:

  • 1211372 – Expiry 11/15 purchased from Sports Nutrition Superstore
  • 1305127 – Expiry 5/16 purchased from Health Designs International
  • 1211369 – Expiry 11/15 purchased from Tiger Fitness
  • 1204134 – Expiry 04/15

Notably the study was funded by long time Cahill nemesis and competitor Ron Kramer of Thermolife.

DS Supps Craze Study – Paid for by DS Supps

Let’s now fast forward to a study published December 26th from The Center for Applied Health Sciences which is a for profit group of scientists hired by DS Supps to complete a Craze study on safety.  The study was summarized in the abstract as follows (MPP = Craze):

“MPP supplementation for 6 weeks did not improve dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) measured of body composition or objective assessments of exercise performance.  Overall, MPP use and administration was well tolerated.  Self-reported scores for energy and concentration were significantly greater.  Over a six week training and supplementation period, MP was not associated with improvements in performance or body composition.”

Cool story bro, right?  Basically it acted much like any amphetamine would, or a good cup of coffee.  Except for the fact that it was compared to an isocaloric drink that contained the same amount of caffeine,  So Dendrobium actually made for better energy and concentration.

The good part of this study was where they tested two Craze lots to determine if the ingredients in Craze actually matched the label claims.  There was an acute study in men, as well as a chronic (6 weeks) study.  The batch numbers used were as follows:

  • 1208079 – Expiry 08/15
  • 1202485 – Expiry unknown

The authors stated the found no detection of any amphetamines or controlled substances, and in addition no detection of N-α-diethylphenylethylamine.

Here’s the Bullshit

The first thing you will note is that neither batch was a batch that was also tested in the University of Mississippi Crazy study (how convenient).  And we know from that same study that there are some batches that do not contain ETH and possibly no N,alpha-DEPEA.  Also notable is that the two batches for this study were provided to the researchers by DS Supps.  So unfortunately, unlike the University of Mississippi study a proper chain of command was not followed.  The bias is clear here, and even though employees of DS Supps did not perform the study, they impacted the results as soon as they donated the product.  This essentially means the DS Supps Craze study is bullshit.  It’s similar to the heat Patrick Arnold faced when he initially tested Craze, and just like then, a poor chain of command cannot be ignored.

-Travis DeGraff

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