Taurine and Caffeine on Heart Health


A new paper published in the Journal of Amino Acids had a surprising outcome.  Or at least what might be surprising to the over zealous general media.  In this study they gave 35 healthy young men (you know real people!) energy drinks and measured various markers of cardiac function.  Although they don’t say which energy drink was used, it seems to be a regular one with caffeine and taurine as the primary ingredients.

energydrinkheartBefore and after drinking the energy drink each male underwent an echocardiograph, electrocardiograph, and blood pressure measurements (1 hour after drinking the energy drink).  They also put the same guys through another leg of the study in which only fruit juice was used.  The authors conclude that energy drinks seem to have a positive effect on the inotropic function of the heart muscle, or it’s overall strength.  They also found an unremarkable increase in blood pressure.

So next time you hear about that kid dying from an energy drink, keep in mind the amount of energy drink consumed, and overall nutrition before assuming the worst.

-Travis DeGraff

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