It’s very rare that a new stimulant hits the market and my hardcore stimu junky friends actually enjoy it.  Gone are the days of DMAA and ephedrine (well sorta).  That’s why it’s always been somewhat of a mystery as to what exactly is in iForce’s fat loss stimulant Dexaprine XR, until now…

Cocktail of Synthetic Stimulants

A paper published in the April issue of Drug Testing and Analysis Journal calls Dexaprine (and Dexaprine XR) a “cocktail of synthetic supplements.”[1]  Researchers from the Netherlands wanted to find out what exactly was in iForce Dexaprine after 26 cases of “poisoning” were reported to the Dutch Poisons Information Center.  Normally we have to be careful with stimulant reported poisonings or adverse effects.  Sometimes the less intelligent people in this world decide to take 46 tablets of Dexaprine in one dose (yes one of the reported subjects consumed 46 tablets of Dexaprine).  However of those 26 cases a few reported taking as little as a half tablet, and 11 of the 26 were reported as one tablet or less.  The recommended dose of Dexaprine XR (current label) is a 1 tablet serving.

If you have ever gone from taking zero stimulants to something as much as a cup of coffee you know that it can hit you pretty hard.  Anxiety, nausea, and a racing heart are all common to stimulant newbies.   Experienced users have a much higher tolerance.  Without knowing the stimulant experience of these individuals you can expect that they were all relatively sensitive to a strong stimulant.  That is why they reported the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Irritability
  • Chest discomfort
  • Rapid heart rates
  • And one heart attack was reported (from a half tablet)

Sounds like a shitty experience, right?  Meanwhile on the forums I hear guys ringing it’s praise, usually hard core stimulant users.  The test results may or may not be surprising to you.  The samples they tested were obtained from 4 of the 26 users who reported side effects.  This table outlines each:

dexaprine stimulant

As you can see in the table this involved both the regular version of Dexaprine as well as Dexaprine XR.  In their testing they identified the following ingredients:

  • Synephrine
  • Methylsynephrine
  • Isopropyloctopamine
  • Yohimbine and it’s cousin rauwolscine
  • Caffeine
  • Theophylline

They also found two substances (PEA analogs) they identified as  N-alkyl-β-methyl-β-phenylethylamines.  These PEA analogs are believed to be a result of the Acacia Rigidula Extract in Dexaprine (and many other stimulant supplements currently on the market).  The table below shows the amounts of each ingredient found in each tablet.  As you will notice, even the amounts of caffeine vary significantly.

dexaprine test

The authors question the legitimacy of Dexaprine including legal ingredients because the primary constituents found in Acacia Rigidula extract were NOT found in their analysis.  All that was found was the N-alkyl-β-methyl-β-phenylethylamines, suggesting the extract was not used in this product.

Is Dexaprine XR for you?

For the average stimulant user Dexaprine XR may be a bit much.  Keep in mind this analysis was done on products that were obtained from users.  I suspect with all this attention as a result of this paper, and a USA Today article on their findings (in less detail than this article), that iForce may not keep Dexaprine XR on the market much longer.  If you like this stimulant, or you are one of those guys that likes to stock up on these things for future sales, then now may be the time to load up on iForce Dexaprine XR.


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